Creation of Hair Spice


Hair Spice was created to help with hair loss, breakage, and moisture. A few years ago, I suffered from hair loss due to improper hair maintenance. I would not typically moisturize my hair. I also continued to place various chemicals, extensions, and braids into my hair without proper maintenance and proper after care. I lost most of my edges and my hair line began to deteriorate in some areas. This is when I started to panic, and research became my best friend. I wanted to stimulate my scalp for hair growth and recover the areas where I became bald and suffered from thinning hair. I created a magic potion of organic, unrefined, and essential oils, and vitamins. The potion itself saved my hair, but also my consistency and dedication that I made to apply the oil. It created a 360 for my hair length and thickness. My edges and hairline began to fill back in. It did take time and dedication. Just remember to love your hair and it's ok to go the extra mile to make a difference. YOUR HAIR IS YOUR "CROWN". This is my story what is yours? Please share to encourage others! #HAIRSPICE #SPICYGROWTHJOURNEY